​​Restoring the Bridges on the old Hammond Hwy.

Bridge photos are south to north.

The 1927 New Orleans-Hammond Highway was the first roadway on the Isthmus (see article in History). After the highway was replaced by US 51 and I-55 it became abandoned and overgrown, however, recent clearing of the vegetation revealed a relatively intact road surface. Being without any vehicle traffic, the road would be ideal forbike and pedestrian use as part of the Manchac Greenway and Ring Around the Lake Bike Trail.

Ditching alongside and underneath these roadbeds helps keep them high, dry and able to pass swamp water from side to side. There are at least twenty-five such "equalization channels" built under these roads and each one required a bridge. Galen Schum of the Friends of the Manchac Greenway did a "windshield survey" of them and found only a handful are possibly usable and the rest would have to be rebuilt or replaced. An alternative would be to direct riders and pedestrians to and from the old US 51 road shoulder in order to go around each channel, but the clear preference would be to go straight across on some type of bridge.