Greenway Assets Already in Place

​- Regular LADOTD maintenance.
- Interstate access including an incomplete interstate rest area at the I-55 Manchac Exit.
- Proximity to services and attractions at Laplace, Ponchatoula/Hammond and the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge Metropolitan Areas.
- Paved boat ramps and docks at Ruddock and North Pass as well as several smaller, informal launches into the 23 mi. long I-55 Borrow Canal and adjoining waterways.
- Historic Pass Manchac and the legendary “Five Bridges of Manchac.”
- Sections of the Old Hammond Highway roadbed for foot access.
- The overgrown Interstate 55 Borrow Canal spoil bank between the Greenway and the elevated interstate, approx. 100' x 23 mi. of usable forest and ground.
- The use of old US 51 and the Hammond Highway roadbed as a link in the “Ring Around the Lake (Pontchartrain) Bike Trail”
- Park space, trails and boardwalks at Sunset Park, the Maurepas Swamp and Joyce Wildlife Management Areas
- Wildlife habitat and Greenway greenery
- The taverns, restaurants, swamp tours, fresh seafood, fishing boats and local color found in the communities of Galva, Akers (a.k.a. Manchac) and Frenier. ​